Smokin Cheetah.

February 26, 2016

DSC_0008 copyDSC_0006 copyDSC_0028 copyDSC_0056 copyDSC_0033 copyDSC_0065 copyDSC_0053 copyDSC_0034 copyDSC_0055 copyDSC_0046 copyDSC_0050 copyPhotography by Caroline Hart

Sweater: Calypso St. Barth, N/A / Jeans: DL1961, N/A (similar) / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Heart Necklace: Vintage

It started raining RIGHT as we stepped outside to shoot this outfit! Clearly, I was not wearing the right shoes or top for a rainy day but I just love these smoking slippers so much, I couldn’t wait to shoot them! I have to admit, they are extremely difficult to break in and I had to put heel pads in the back of them, but they add an extra something to a basic outfit so I deal with the pain!

This Calypso sweater is by far my favorite piece from them. I have a long, charcoal one and short, tan one as well. This one is cashmere and is super warm! It’s really easy to layer and also looks great with a  short sleeve shirt underneath!

I am off to UMass for the weekend to visit my boyfriend and see my best friend from high school, who will be here as well! Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!! xx



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