Pops of Color.

December 21, 2015

IMG_3109IMG_3113IMG_3114IMG_3118IMG_3124IMG_3127IMG_3129IMG_3140IMG_3143Photography by Michael Franco

Jacket: Zara, N/A (love this) / Sweater: JCrew / Jeans: AG / Scarf: Knitted by my Mom! / Shoes: Tory Burch / Bag: Gucci

I have a serious jacket obsession… Zara is my favorite place to scoop up new jackets each winter because they are usually great quality for a not-so-hefty price! I love the length of this one because I can wear longer sweaters without them showing on the bottom. I was nervous to get a cream colored coat in fear that it would get dirty easily but knock-on-wood, this one has stayed very clean!

I love wearing shoes that add color to a neutral outfit. Red is always a great go-to pop of color. These shoes pick up the red in my scarf perfectly and really brightened up my outfit. I love Tory’s Reva flats but they kill my feet after a couple minutes of wear!

If you couldn’t tell, this is my favorite crossbody bag. It holds everything I need (even a sunglass case!) and never gets too heavy on my shoulders. I went with the camel color because I wanted a neutral but didn’t want to go with black, as always!

Happy Monday – thanks for stopping by! xx


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